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How and when AI should be used to improve traditional engineering techniques





AI has topped as one of the sensational and hype filled topics in technology, but when is the right time to leverage of AI to further improve traditional engineering and how can an organisation go about adopting this foreign concept.
The objective of this talk is to provide an overview of some fundamentals in AI practice and define what they are as well as real life examples on how AI can be utilised to further complement traditional engineering.
Topics to be covered:


About the speaker

Archana Arakkal is a Practice Lead for the Intelligent Data Division at Synthesis. She joined Synthesis in June 2018, bringing with her four years of experience in product engineering, cloud research and development and product implementation. Her current focus is on artificial intelligence (AI), AI education and responsibly getting AI systems into production. She is recognised for her AI expertise and has both co-founded and is part of a few research communities. She holds a Masters in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and she holds numerous certifications and specialities, including in Big Data, Security, ML and AWS. Archana's Masters research was translated from her work around self-driving vehicles in the mining sector, this work is currently in the process of a patent approval in the US. Archana is currently pursuing her Ph.D at MIT. Her research involves secure and private AI in the healthcare sector her Ph.D studies is well affiliated with Google research community and she serves as a seasonal machine learning researcher at Google.




Date and time

13 April 2021

17:00 - 18:30



09 April 2021



Virtual event