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Special edition of SAJEMS

The South African Journal of Economic and Management Sciences (SAJEMS) is an ISI-rated journal publishing interdisciplinary research in the economic and management sciences. The journal disseminates high-quality academic articles that contribute to the better understanding of the interaction between economic, environmental and social perspectives as applicable to the broader management sciences in an African environment.


Recently, SAJEMS commemorated its 25th anniversary with a special issue on the links between project-based production and project management. Please find the table of content below or visit the SAJEMS web site ( to download one or more articles.


Table of Content 25th anniversary special edition:

  • Editorial foreword: SAJEMS 25 year anniversary special edition (Pieter Buys)
  • Linking project-based production and project management temporary systems in multiple contexts: An introduction to the special edition (Leon Oerlemans & Tinus Pretorius)
  • Projectification and its consequences: Narrow and broad conceptualisations (Johann Packendorff & Monica Lindgren)
  • Project governance: Schools of thought (Michiel Christiaan Bekker)
  • A maturation model for project-based organisations – with uncertainty management as an always remaining multi-project management focus (Anna Jerbrant)
  • No creative person is an island: Organisational culture, academic project-based creativity, and the mediating role of intra-organisational social ties (Leon Oerlemans, Frien van Kessel & Saskia van Stroe)
  • Multiple project team membership and performance: Empirical evidence from engineering project teams (Kai-Ying Alice Chan)
  • Intra project team disagreement, conflict communications, and team performance in cross-functional new product teams: A decision-making quality perspective (Tsun Jin Chang, Shang-Pao Yeh)
  • Project-based production and project management: Findings and trends in research on temporary systems in multiple contexts (Tinus Pretorius, Leon Oerlemans)
  • Short CVs of contributors to the special issue.
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