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INCOSE SA Gauteng Event, 20 April 2016

"Systems Engineering Applied to Large Scale Water Resource Planning in South Africa"

By Louis Lubbe and Ronald Smith

Dr Ronnie McKenzie presented ‘Systems Engineering Applied to Large Scale Water Resource Planning in South Africa’ at the  INCOSE SA Chapter Meeting: Gauteng  20 April 2016

Ronnie had an excellent and very entertaining presentation in which he showed the complexity of South Africa’s water resource network. He explained the development of The ‘Integrated Water Resources System Model’ which is the most complicated in the world. The system model is basically a huge network model which simulates the real environment where all demand centres and catchment areas are represented by inputs or demands including the various reservoirs etc.

further on he talked about Naturalization of Stream Flow Data, Stream Flow Current Development Levels and Stochastic Yield Analysis. The yield analysis graph showed that the best bet for picking up a drought early in a ten-year cycle would be between the red and the blue levels, which were indicated on the graph. Through the use of these models, the government is able to implement water restrictions early on in a drought which can hopefully prevent more serious restrictions being introduced in the event that any of the major reservoirs run dry.   

Although climate change is real, the planet does seem to be getting warmer which is based on factual temperature data which cannot be disputed.  What is difficult to predict, however, is the impact of the higher temperatures on the rainfall and subsequent runoff.  Ronnie did show some long term rainfall records from around Southern Africa, which highlight that the annual precipitation does not appear to be changing although he did suggest that the intensity of the storms may be increasing. 

All this was done with dry Scottish wit that made it a very enjoyable talk. As usual we ended the night with some light snacks, good wine and intelligent conversations.



Western Cape Branch Event – 19 February 2015

"Joule Electrical Vehicle",

By Louis Lubbe

The year kicked off with a thought provoking talk for members of the Western Cape Branch: Gerhard Swart gave guests an insider’s view of what took place on the development of the Joule Electrical Vehicle.

This tragic, yet proud achievement was South Africa’s attempt to design and manufacture an electrical vehicle. 

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INCOSE SA Gauteng Event, 28 October 2015


By Louis Lubbe

The INCOSE SA Gauteng Event of 28th October 2015 was once again an excellent event where Dr Anthon Botha of the University of Pretoria Graduate School of technology management talked about “Future Thinking”. He looked at a few things about tomorrow that will shape the way we do Systems Thinking. 

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Greatest Young Systems Engineers of the Year Challenge (GYSEOY) 2015

By Cobus Scannell

In 2015 INCOSE South Africa launched a first of its kind Systems Engineering Challenge for up and coming young engineers. The goal of this challenge was to foster a deep interest, and a proficiency in Systems Engineering in our young engineers by means of a challenge. This initiative was named the Greatest Young Systems Engineers of the Year Challenge and abbreviated to GYSEOY (pronounced jaai-soy).

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INCOSE SA WCB Year-End Function – 26 November 2015

"Welcome to the Age of the Fox – Thinking the Future",

By Paul de Villiers

The Western Cape Branch year-end functions have traditionally been special occasions and this year was no different. Our speaker was none other than Chantell Ilbury, co-author of The Fox Trilogy and a world-renowned scenario strategist. Together with Clem Sunter, she has been instrumental in raising the profile of scenario planning as a strategic tool in South Africa and abroad.

Chantell's presentation, titled "Welcome to the Age of the Fox – Thinking the Future", immediately established common ground by highlighting the similarities between systems engineering and strategy development. 

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INCOSE SA 2016 CMC Elections


Vote for Office Bearers for 2016

The nominations for INCOSE SA CMC office bearers for 2016 has resulted in multiple nominations for the position of President-Elect while the remaining positions had a single nomination each, thus requiring that the INCOSE SA members need only to vote for the President-Elect for 2016.  Keep in mind when considering casting your vote, that the successful candidate will automatically become President in 2017 to lead INCOSE SA for the following 2 years.
The following INCOSE SA Members were nominated and have made themselves available to serve on the INCOSE SA CMC for 2016 as president-Elect:
Their abbreviated biographies and Goal Statements can be accessed by clicking through the link on their names above.
Each INCOSE SA Member in good standing will receive an email with a link to the Voting Site.  Please utilize the opportunity to ensure that the leadership that you'd like to see take INCOSE SA into the future is elected in a free and fair manner.
The poll will remain open until midnight on Tuesday November 24 2015.

Moments from the 11th INCOSE SA Conference


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INCOSE SA Gauteng Event of 26 August 2015

Dr Attie Jonker on the JS1 Glider - "from concept to competition"

By Louis Lubbe

Dr Attie Jonker from the North-West University's Potchefstroom Campus School of Mechanical Engineering shared the history of the JS1 glider with us. It started years ago when he was a little boy and his dad who was a science teacher built a glider in their garage. It started a lifelong quest for him and his brother to design and build the world's best glider, an idea that grew into designing and building a sailplane that would be competitive at the highest level. This passion and enthuriasm created Jonker Sailplanes and the JS1 Revelation.

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INCOSE SA Western Cape Event of 20 August 2015

Joint meeting of the Western Cape branches of INCOSE and the System Dynamics Society

By Paul de Villiers

The Western Cape Branch recently hosted a joint meeting with the System Dynamics Society where Professor Alan Brent was our speaker. Although the South African chapter of the System Dynamics Society is still in its infancy, it was good to engage with a few new faces. The event was attended by 25 people.

Suja Joseph-Malherbe presented feedback on the INCOSE International Symposium, followed by an overview of INCOSE, before introducing Alan Brent...

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INCOSE SA Western Cape Event of 2 July 2015

Sally-Anne Käsner on "A Different Approach"

By Paul de Villiers

Sally-Anne Käsner treated the members of the Western Cape Branch of INCOSE SA to an enjoyable and extremely relevant presentation titled "A Different Approach". With more than 12 years' experience as an environmental consultant, Sally-Anne's presentation provided fresh ideas on how the systems designed by systems engineers can better interface to the ultimate super-system – the natural environment. Her presentation focused on two topics, namely the Circular Economy and Industrial Symbiosis.

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INCOSE SA Gauteng Event of 24 June 2015

Beeuwen Gerryts on “R&D led industry development” – increasing R&D and industrial activity

By Jonnro Erasmus Pr. Eng. ASEP

From a fairly technical engineering presentation during the previous Gauteng meeting, to something completely different. Beeuwen Gerryts shared with us some insight into the way the Department of Science and Technology drives industry development through knowledge creation and utilisation. It is always good for us engineers and systems thinkers to gain some perspective on how our government aims to increase well-being and prosperity through science, technology and innovation.

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INCOSE SA Youth Outreach

Greatest Young Systems Engineers of the Year (GYSEOY) challenge

By Jonnro Erasmus Pr. Eng. ASEP

They say it is pronounced g-eye-soy or jaai-sooi. If you are not familiar with the new INCOSE SA Youth Outreach programme, then stay tuned. The goal of this initiative is to establish a proficiency in – and a love for – Systems Engineering in our up and coming engineers, by means of a challenge to solve a defined business problem using advanced system engineering principles, including model-based techniques.

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INCOSE SA Western Cape Branch Event of 23 April 2015

Gericke Potgieter on “We Are What We Will”

By Daniël Malherbe

Gericke Potgieter of ARTIFEX Knowledge Engineering took the Stellenbosch INCOSE audience on a wonderful journey through systems theory and how it relates to human reality in a presentation titled “We are what we will – a systems perspective on decisions and relationships with practical implications for systems engineers”

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